Time to Update Your Home

The was an interesting article in Thursday’s Jackson Hole Daily, written by Tram Whitehurst.  The article helped explain an excellent opportunity for homeowners to receive cheap loans to improve home energy efficiency.

The program is initiated by the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project allows homeowners in Teton County to upgrade things like old windows, insufficient insulation and could possibly be used to add solar panels to their homes.  The current loan limit is $7,500 but is expected to rise as more funds become avaialble. 

To qualify all you have to do is own a home or townhome, have good payment history, use electric and schedule a home audit by a Lower Valley employee.  Christy and I just went through this process this winter and it was a wonderful program.  We took advantage of repair credits (another Lower Valley program) verse the low interest loans and were suprised by so many areas that our home could use attention in bettering our energy efficiency. 

Homeowners who qualify and receive the loans have up to 5 years to repay.  To schedule a home audit simply call Lower Valley at 307-733-2446 or visit its website at www.lvenergy.com.