REALM is a membership of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled.

Realm is the first collaborative global real estate collective that offers technology and services to optimize the unique experiences, lifestyles and passions of clients and customers. Realm’s unique position in the global real estate niche uses proprietary technology matching lifestyle and passion, rather than property criteria, via a curated content platform integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We are proud to be affiliated and approved members of Realm technology and feel that is an edge on the competition as it allows us to connect buyers and sellers on a global scale. It also gives us personal insights as to what buyers may like in your property, what their interests are and how qualified they are.

The Realm experience leverages the power of the global network to match qualified clients or buyers to services based on lifestyle and passion rather than criteria. A curated luxury lifestyle digital content platform exclusive and encrypted database fueled by, private, professional, and advisory data records.