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Spending up to 90% of time indoors, how you live is just as important as where you live. Ask your Real Estate Professional how to enhance the wellness in your home. Here are 6 ways to optimize your home’s wellness.


Indoor air is said to have 2-5x the pollution of outdoor air. Main pollutants indoors are household cleaning chemicals, dust, artificial fragrances, and gases from furniture, clothes, and cooking. The use of indoor plants and air purifying and recycling systems can have a significant impact on improving air quality and ultimately the health of everyone in the home.


Improper lighting can be responsible for mood and sleep disorders. Try using lighting controls that allow for bright lighting during the day and dim lighting in the evening. Eliminating the use of blue lights 1 hour prior to bedtime can improve sleep duration and quality. Smart bulbs and shades can help sync lighting with your natural Circadian rhythm.


Body temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, ideally your indoor air temperature should too. 60 -67 degrees Fahrenheit is said to be the best sleeping temperatures and 72-77 is said to have the highest productivity rates during the day. Keeping humidity levels around 45% will be best for you home and your health.


Water filtration systems should deliver the cleanest water, reducing exposure to chlorine and other harmful chemicals that can damage or dry out skin and have ill-health effects. Touchless water systems can help reduce the spread of bacteria in kitchens and bathrooms.


Engaging sights, scents, sounds, and textures can enhance the wellbeing of a home. Choose textures and scents that bring in nature, using only fragrances and materials free of artificial chemicals and perfumes. Sitting spaces should have sight lines to windows with adequate light and no glair. keeping background noise levels capped at 35db will contribute to greater mental clarity.


Be sure to turn off wifi and bluetooth devices when not in use especially in sleeping areas. Electronic interference can disturb hormone balance and sleep. Choose a device-free room in the home for everyone to enjoy.

If you have questions about designing or creating a wellness home, we are happy to assist. We provide health and wellness services through Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates/Christie’s International Real Estate’s Chief Wellness Officer, a service offered exclusively to our clients. Contact us for more information.