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Overall Market Update – Real Estate – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Preliminary Market Update for Year End 2008
Sotheby’s International Realty – Jackson Hole and Christy and Garth Gillespie, the Jackson Hole Experts, have been busy looking back at 2008 putting together final real estate market numbers which are not quite finished. In the meantime we thought we would update the most current information we have gathered and give out the preliminary market update.

November and December were the 2 worst sales months in the past 10 years! With the election, economy downturn and the credit crisis in full swing the housing market nationally took a huge hit and Jackson Hole was not immune to the crises. There were 9 sales in November and 12 sales in December. November unit volume is 51% below that of 2007 and 55% below that of 2004. Sales volume fell 39% to $460 million compared to $750 million in 2007. All five regions (Teton Village, West of the Snake River, North of Town, Town of Jackson and South of Jackson) of the Jackson Hole real estate market saw major declines in activity through the first 11 months. The strongest segment was the Town of Jackson with 110 (-43%) transactions and $120 (-14%) million in sales volume. South of Jackson took the biggest hit with sales volume down 64% and unit sales down 61%! The large decrease in activity in the South of Jackson category is explained by a huge reduction in sales at 3 Creek Ranch and the now bankrupt Snake River Sporting Club.

If we look at sales by property type we see that vacant land sales had the largest decline with sales volume down 47% and unit sales down 67%! Overall the averages were Condos down 33%, Single Family homes down 42%, and Vacant land down 47%. The bright spot in the market has been Commercial listings with sales volume up 35% and unit sales only down 24%.

Active inventory has been trending upward with a slight decease in November 2008 due to sellers removing listings from the market. When we look back we see that active listings have been trending upward since May of 2007. This increase in listings is market wide with active listings under $3 million at 548 and greater than $3 million at 150.

Do we see any positive trends? Of course – we have to find some positives in this market. First and foremost we have great inventory to show potential buyers and the prices are starting to trend downward. There have been many times in the past ten years that Jackson Hole has offered a very limited number of options for buyers in the market. Well that has changed! We also are starting to see some very unrealistic sellers adjusting their pricing. We have a new page on our website at www.jacksonholeexperts.com that offers our “Top Values” – check it out! Another trend we are starting to see is an increase in interest in our market. The Christmas / Holiday season was very busy in Jackson Hole. Most of you may have heard but the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort received over 5 feet of snow between Christmas and New Years. Many visitors filled a day or two of their visit with a real estate agent. Showings increased two-fold and real estate inquiries doubled at Sotheby’s. To turn this market around we need interested parties so this was a good first step. Stay tuned for more information and thanks for reading — please send comments to garth.gillespie@sothebysrealty.com or give us a call at 307-739-8056.