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Real Estate Star Joins the Jackson Hole Experts

Katie Colbert - Head Shot for Number 1

Christy and me are excited to introduce Katie Colbert, real estate sales Broker, as a new member of the Gillespie Real Estate Team.  Katie has been working behind the scenes for us for the past 6 months and has an excellent grasp of contracts and client communication.  Jackson Hole commercial real estate is an area that we are often asked about but are usually forced to referral to others.  With Katie’s extensive knowledge and networking skills we will have the opportunity to lend our experience in this segment of the market.  As mentioned in a previous post, Christy and I are working on a new townhome development in the town of Jackson called Cottonwood Flats Townhomes.  Katie will be one of our main sales people on the site so feel free to contact her at 307-739-8078 for additional questions.

Katie has extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate in Jackson. Originally from Minnesota (Viking Fan – I will not hold it against her), she graduated with a degree in Real Estate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!) and has been pursuing a successful career in the field ever since. Katie enjoys working with buyers and assisting them in all levels of the transaction. She is relentlessly optimistic and has incredible passion for the business. The Gillespie team is eager to have Katie join us as an Associate Broker and we are ready to meet the demands of 2010 with a dynamic team to help you with your real estate needs.

For additional information on the dynamic real estate market here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming please feel free to contact any of us at 307-739-8056 or visit us at Jackson Hole Experts.