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Cheers to Dancers’ Workshop – Jackson Hole

Christy and I had a wonderful weekend here in Jackson as we attended 2 events put on by Dancers’ Workshop. What a show the Elisa Monte Dance Company delivered on Saturday at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts.

The evening started with Christy and me going to the Snake River Grill with friends Mike Stern and Bridget Mullen, Dana and John Wright, Heidi and Danny Yost and Ann Dwan. We had an excellent assortment of the Grill’s light menu which included tasty Fish Tacos, the incredible Steak Tartar Pizza and the just about famous Potato Pancake with Smoked Salmon.

We then headed to the Center for the Arts to attend a performance by Elise Monte Dance Company. We were both blown away by the talent on the stage from the dancers and just how entertaining it was. The first act, “Pigs and Fishes” was fantastic with a lot of soloing and also group dancing. After intermission we were entertained by a new dance called Zydeco Zare which included live music by Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys.

On Sunday evening we headed back to the Center for a wonderful family event again sponsored by Dancers’ Workshop. Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys were the headliners. The band rocked and it was refreshing to hear the sounds of New Orleans ringing through the Center. This was just an incredible event staged inside the Performing Arts Theater where friends, families and mostly locals danced out hearts out! There was excellent Cajun food ,great beer from the Snake River Brewing Company and just a general festive feeling in the aire. The weather even cooperated and was nice enough for the event to be outside but after the past 2 weeks of dreadful weather it was an easy decision to move most of the event inside. I am sure the band was happy as it got cold quickly as soon as the sun went down. Plus the acoustics were excellent inside the Center.

Thanks again Dancers’ Workshop! Babs Case, artistic director, for Dancers Workshop deserves some praise. Thank you, thank you!!