Searching For Jackson Hole Real Estate Online?

Searching For Jackson Hole Real Estate Online? A lot of you are looking on Information we just gathered from Sotheby’s International Realty tells the story. There seems to be a lot of people looking on line at property and the number is increasing. At we had 43,000 page visits and 11,785 listings were viewed! The average visit per page was about 36 seconds. The top searches included – Jackson Hole Real Estate, Sotheby’s Jackson Hole, Sothebys Jackson Hole, Real Estate Jackson Hole and Sotheby’s real estate. Those searches tell me that the public knows where to look for Jackson Hole real estate information – Sotheby’s! Google was the most used search engine.

When looking at our Company site there were 244,000 site visits with 1,757,659 page views. The interesting statistic here is that the average visit length was about 10 minutes. Consumers from 173 countries and 6 six continents visited the site — now that is an International company! The top 5 user countries were – US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia.

Cool information. If you are a seller this is very important information. Jackson Hole real estate is no longer a “local” market and to be honest it has not been one for 10 years. Here at Sotheby’s – Jackson Hole Brokerage we have the best agents with the most experience yet we are all local! Our competition will talk about local company with some exposure to the nation and international clients but no one can reach the customer base that Sotheby’s International Realty can. Christy and I feel honored to be here and we utilize the skills, the knowledge and the history many of the agents at Sotheby’s have to offer.

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