Real Estate Sales Trends in Jackson, WY: What has been selling? Where has it been selling? For how much?

The 3rd quarter has come to an end just as the snow begins to fall in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Overall, year to date unit sales in Teton County are up 30% over this time last year – great news, however overall sales volume is down slightly. This means that while more properties are selling, they are selling at lower prices (overall). Yet, both unit sales and sales volume are well above the lows seen in 2009. The average sales price in Teton County, through the 3rd quarter 2011, was $1,120,000, (down 25% from last years $1.4m average price).

Sales by Area – Teton County

South of the Town of Jackson

South of Town, including neighborhoods like Rafter J, Melody Ranch, Singl’ Tree Ranches, 3 Creek Ranch and Game Creek, have seen the most improvement in sales volume.  Overall sales volume is up 78% versus last year and unit sales are up 60%. Single family unit sales in particular have doubled to 37 sales this year, compared to just 18 this time last year. This area also saw the largest increase in the average sales price, up 10.8% from the end of the 3rd quarter last year. This could be supported by the fact that 5 properties have sold in this area for over $2 million this year, compared to only one last year.

Teton Village

The area surrounding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been another hot spot this year, where bargain hunters have purchased 50 properties this year compared to only 28 this time last year. However sales volume remained flat, as most of these sales were lower end condominiums sales (many of them bank owned). The average sales price in Teton Village this year is $870,000, down 46% from this time last year. The average days on market for sold properties doubled since last year – the units that sold this year where on the market an average of 606 days (that’s 20 months!). Much of the older inventory is finally selling.


The Town of Jackson experienced an 8% increase in unit sales, but sales volume slipped 23% compared to 3rd quarter last year, which illustrates the high volume of bank sales, short sales and motivated sellers currently in the market. The average sales price in Town this year is $540,000, down 10% from last year. Of the 67 properties that have sold so far this year, the average time on the market was 218 days, very similar to the properties that sold through the 3rd quarter of last year.


The area West of the Snake River, including The Aspens, Wilson and several higher end neighborhoods including John Dodge, Tucker Ranch and Stilson Ranches also saw a drop in sales volume (down 23%) with a slight increase in unit sales (up 5.4%). The average sales prices in this area is down 27% to $1.7m. Through the 3rd quarter of 2011, 39 properties have sold on the Westbank and were on the market an average of 275 days (similar to the county average of 295 days on market).

Sales by Property Type:

Residential- Single Family: Single family home sales volume was unchanged from last year, despite a 22% increase in unit sales. The averages sales price for single family homes in Teton County is currently $1,521,300 (down 17% from this time last year).

Condominium sales: Condo sales (which includes tow homes and condo-hotels) saw the largest increase in unit sales (up 46% over last year). Sales volume also increased in this segment of the market; total volume was up 22.4% over last year. The average sales price for this segment of the market dropped to $560,000 from $668,000 last year (16% drop).

Average Prices and over all Sales Volume will continue to fall going forward, so long as inventories remain high, particularly in the condo market. Bank sales and short sales on contributing to falling prices, as they are many times able to come on the market at below-market prices. They also contribute to increased transactions, as many times they are under contract the same day the hit the market, and are sold before many people even realize they are available.

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