Market Report – Year End 2014

Overall Market
Jackson Hole’s real estate market in 2014 could be defined as continued recovery and the return of a seller’s market, which is a refreshing sentiment for those invested in the real estate market, and stability for those looking to get into the market. The overall trends of 2014 showed more of the same – fewer overall transactions, increased average sale prices and very low inventory. The overall number of transactions in 2014 dropped about 13% when compared to 2013. As appreciation became reality, particularly in the lower-priced segments, the average sale price increased over 6%. Also, greatly affected was the median sale price, which climbed nearly 17% over last year, rising to $750,000. Nonetheless, the climb in sale prices was not enough to outpace the lack of transactions, which resulted in a decrease in overall dollar volume of about 5%. This decrease in total dollar volume can also be attributed to the distribution of sales, which overwhelmingly consisted of properties under $1M, or about 65% of all sales. Also notable, and comprising about 14% of 2014’s transactions, were property sales between $2M and $5M, which increased by 10%. The low supply of Jackson Hole inventory, down about 18% in 2014, has been consistent over the past 2 years, and this we anticipate driving appreciation in most market segments.

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