Jackson Hole Housing on the Rebound?

Day 2 of our informative real estate slides that are painting a pretty picture of the real estate market.  In todays snapshot we see Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon talking to his readers and listeners that he sees nothing but upward momentum in today’s real estate market.

It is interesting to see him predicting downward pressure on prices (due to foreclosures and short sales) but also signaling and bullish outlook on buying or investing in real estate.

Investors have been interested in the current real estate market due to the lower pricing.  But what we are starting to see is rent increases.  This will only add fuel to the fire so Christy and I believe lower end rental condos and townhomes along with multiunit properties are going to be the “hottest” market this summer.  The only thing we see that would block this momentum would be if a inventory becomes are to find….guess what happens then?  We may see some price increases by year end!

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