Jackson Hole Homeowners With Pets: How To Keep Your House Pet-Friendly…Not Pet-Dirty


Any Jackson Hole homeowner who lives with a pet (there’s not many of us….right) knows that when you share your house with one of these beloved creatures, you give up the word “spotless” as a way to describe your home…forever. Here are some tips to keep your house as clean and fresh-smelling as possible despite your pet’s, let’s just say, “untidiness”.

  • Pet hair has an aroma. Usually, it’s not a good one. Vacuum regularly, even if the pet hair in question matches your furniture and you cannot see it. I promise you, your guests can smell it. Dyson makes a vacuum especially for picking up animal hair.
  • This is obvious, but a regularly bathed pet makes for a clean house. Think of how happy they are when it’s all over! Keeping pet’s nails trimmed also cuts down on scratched floors and fabrics.
  • Look into Crypton. It’s a stain-resistant fabric that includes suedes and twills. As always, leather and Ultrasuede are great choices for pet owners.
  • If you can, nix the wall-to-wall carpeting. It absorbs odors, traps pet hair and soaks up stains. 
  • Stick to rubber toys if you have a mad chewer. Pig’s ears and rawhide bones are not only terrible for your pet’s health, but if they make it inside your home, they will stain your floor and furniture.  

To learn about more interesting things for your home with pets go to www.everydaystudio.com  and www.animalhousestyle.com.