Good News On Housing! Anything Happening with the Jackson Hole Real Estate Market?

We woke up this morning to good news on Wall Street as reaction to the new “Toxic Asset” program was cheered by traders with big movement in the financial sector. Wall Street is also reacting to better than expected housing data. The interesting stat to notice is that this is the first time housing sales and median price both increased at the same time since May 2008.

What about the Jackson Hole real estate market? Well, so far the month of March could be labeled the “Month of Showings”. Activity has been quite strong with buyers looking at property but not yet pulling out their wallets. The news out of the federal government is great for home buyers as mortgage rates are very low, there are extremely favorable tax credits for first time home buyers and financing is becoming a little easier to find. All of this should add up to some transactions but currently we are waiting. Prices in Jackson Hole are still holding fairly strong but we are seeing some movement just not an overall pattern.

Data includes: Current inventory staying about the same since March 3rd with a slight increase (3%) to 732 listings. The big increase came into the residential market with an additional 16 listings. There have been a total of 45 price reductions since the start of March. As for buying activity — slow go. Only 1 confirmed pending transaction in March — Aspen’s Condo 2B/2B priced at $595,000.

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