Wyoming Tax Benefits – There Is Alot You Need To Know!

 There are several reasons why many people choose to live in Jackson Hole.  Many live here for the scenic beauty of Grand Teton National Park, several for the fly fishing in the Snake River in the summer, and many for great skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the winter. However there is also a practical reason to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s overall tax-climate benefits when compared to other states. 

Bloomberg Wealth Management magazine continues to rate Wyoming as the #1 Tax Friendly State in America. It’s easy to understand why….. 

  • No state income tax on personal or corporate income
  • No state inheritance tax or estate tax
  • No tax on the purchase or sale of real estate
  • No state capital gains tax
  • No state gift tax
  • No state excise tax
  • No tax on out-of-state retirement income
  • Dynasty Trusts are permitted and allow you to shield assets from federal real estate taxes

Owning property in Jackson Hole gives you unlimited access to our breathtaking mountains, our magnificent forests, pristine streams and world class sporting opportunities. Now you have another great reason to own real estate in Jackson Hole!

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