The Best Way To Get Around Jackson Hole: Pedego Electric Bikes

Are you looking for the best, eco-friendly way to get around Jackson Hole? On this episode of Jackson Hole Revealed, we’re going to visit the best place to get an electric bike: Pedego Electric Bikes. We’ll chat with owner Mike Lynch to learn all about this mode of transport for cruising around the beautiful sites in our fair city.

Explore Jackson Hole On An Electric Bike

With so many bike trails in Jackson Hole, there’s no better way to explore than on an electric bike. Though they look just like a normal bike, eBikes are equipped with a battery and small motor that helps you to go the distance without tiring yourself out. They can go up to 20mph and last between 15-60 miles per each battery charge.

According to Mike, all of the bikes at Pedego are class two eBikes. This means that so have both pedal assist and a throttle, giving you the option whether you want to pedal or not. This is a great feature for strenuous stretches of a bike ride or if you just want a break to rest your legs.

Plenty Of Options At Pedego

At Pedego, you can find a wide range of bikes. For example, their cargo bikes allow you to hold children in the back—or just a load of groceries. Additionally, they have commuter bikes, cruiser bikes, fat tire mountain bikes, and full-suspension bikes. However you want to use your wheels, there’s a model for your specific needs and wants in the store.

For those who love to travel, Pedego even has a fold-up model that’s perfect to take on the go. Called the “Latch,” this folding bike is perfect for RVers or boaters looking for an easy way to pack their cargo. It folds up in about 30 seconds, with a special clip that keeps it together and makes for easy transport.

Supporting Small Businesses In Jackson Hole

When you shop at Pedego, you’ll be in good hands. Living in Jackson Hole is an amazing experience, and these electric bikes are the perfect way to explore. Supporting small businesses is something we feel passionate about, and Mike’s shop definitely deserves a visit if you live in the area.  And if you’re looking to move here, you’ll know one affordable, environmentally-friendly way you can get around!

Make sure to stay tuned to our next episode of Jackson Hole Revealed to see where we head next. And of course, feel free to reach out of us if you have any questions about Pedego Electric Bikes or Jackson Hole living. We’d be happy to help!

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