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Recent Real Estate Developments in the Jackson Hole

Over the past month there have been several real estate developments moving through the approval process in the Town of Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming.  I will use this post to update many of them.  If you have any questions about these developments or others that you have heard of please do not hesitate to give me a call at 307-413-5243 or email me.

1.  28 unit development in East Jackson:  Yet to be officially named, this development takes place in East Jackson on 3.35 acres between Rancher Street and Nelson Street.  The planned unit development is proposed to be 145,700 square feet in size which includes 8 single family residences, eight duplexes, and four townhomes.  The development requires affordable housing for 9.79 people and the developer generously is providing affordable housing for 10.  This particular property is in a very attractive location and the developer has a great track record.  It should be a very attractive property with landscaping, sidewalks and a good neighborhood feel.

2.  The Snake River Brewery and Restaurant is expanding!  The "Brew Pub" will be expanding by 2,300 square feet and will include a second floor outdoor deck, new bathrooms (desperately needed!) and an upgraded kitchen.  Congrats and good luck!

3.  A Developer is planning on developing the property that is currently the Painted Buffalo.  The development will be 151,000 square feet in size and will be of a mixed use.  Most of the space will be a new 155-room luxury hotel, spa and fitness center, conference space, restaurant, bar and limited retail space.  The proposed plan calls for a 4 story building.

4.  A beautiful new property is going to be built on the corner of Pearl and Jackson.  The new building will be 31,000 sq feet is size and will be of mixed use.  Retail/Commercial space will be on the first floor with a mix of affordable, employee and free market "lofts" will be on the 2nd and 3rd floor.  The units on the 3rd floor are incredible and should be in big demand when they are released.  The parking will be underground.

5.  A major development was proposed in the county by 3 ranching families – Lucas, Von Gontard, and Robertson families.  The application consists of 692 acres with up to 315 homes.  The acreage is located in 3 different areas – South Park (across the street from 3 Creek Ranch), Hog Island (next to the WYDOT building) and Game Creek.  The property in Game Creek would transfer development rights to the other 2 properties.  Preliminary plans show the South Park property would contain a total of 181 homes – 107 market homes and 74 deed restricted units.  The Robertson property would consist of 128 total units with 33 free market, 11 affordable, 48 PUD affordable and 36 PUD affordable market homes.  This looks and sounds much better than the awful Teton Meadows plan.

6.  There is a lot of new development taking place at Teton Village.  Most recently the Little Nell hotel went before the planning commission for its first hearing.  Little Nell, a project of Terra Development Group, would be a 50 unit condominium-hotel.  The 121,000 square foot hotel includes a conference room, a spa, 3,500 square feet of retail and a 5,000 sq ft restaurant.  The property is 1.3 acres in size.

I hope you found this information informative and easy to read.  Please visit www.JacksonHoleExperts.com if you would like additional information.