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Research Is Suggesting That Large Homes May Become A Thing Of The Past – In Jackson Hole?

Red housesRecent data is showing that homes being built today are smaller than they were in the beginning of 2008. In the third quarter of 2008 median home size was 2,090 square feet, down from 2,629 square feet in the second quarter of 2008. With housing prices dropping and the economy weakening, homeowners may be looking at homes with less unused space, more energy efficiency and a home that better fits their overall needs. There is more of an interest in economizing space and making one room of the home a more flexible space that can be used for a myriad of activities. Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas are becoming more popular as square footage decreases.

Of course this is national data – what is going on in Jackson? For one thing the Town of Jackson is attempting to limit the size of homes on standard Town of Jackson buildable lots. The standard size lot in town is 50 X 150. The current proposal would limit house sizes to 3,000 square feet. As this is debated by the planners we will keep you up to date.

Do Christy and I see a pattern of smaller houses? Not yet but we believe this could be contributed to a lot less construction taking place in the valley. According to the Teton County Planning and Building Department and the Town of Jackson, February permits for new homes and remodels dropped considerably from January. January had 23 permits issued and February had just 13 issued for a total of 36 for the year compared to 54 in 2008. Another interesting fact is that the Town of Jackson has not received one application for new construction in 2009. We will keep you updated on any trends in new construction in the Jackson Hole real estate market.

Research shows that builders are paying very close attention to what buyers want. The National Association of Home Builders is reporting that 88% of homebuilders surveyed plan to build more smaller homes, and that 89% of homebuilders surveyed claim that they plan to build lower-priced homes.

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