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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Opens All Lifts!

For the first time in resort history, Jackson Hole opened “wall to wall” this weekend.  Christy, Katie and I all hit the slopes on Saturday and did our duty in cutting all the fresh, virgin powder.  It was exciting to say the least to be skiing in November let alone skiing the Hobacks.  The early snowfall has covered the mountain extremely well and we believe there is already more snow on the lower part of the mountain than we ever had last year.

We also spoke with the director of the Four Season Resort who mentioned that booking at the luxury hotel are extremely strong for the winter months.  This should bode well for the real estate market.  Buyers will be ready to swoop in and buy some of the excellent values on the market.  It has been a few years since we saw a strong push of buyers but we are anticipating a great selling season this winter.  If you would like information of the real estate market in Jackson please feel free to contact us. Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty has just finished our biannual Catalogue of Fine Properties so if you would like an copy we’d be thrilled to send you a link.

For more information on the wonderful skiing here in Jackson or for in depth real estate information please contact Garth and Christy Gillespie, associates for Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty at 307-413-5243 visit our website – Jackson Hole Experts.

Melody Ranch — Great New Listing – Value Priced

Large 4 Bedroom Home in Melody Ranch

Large 4 Bedroom Home in Melody Ranch

Christy and Garth Gillespie are pleased to have been selected to market a new listing in Melody Ranch. 4215 Balsam Lane is a wonderful family home located on open space and is 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and is 2,600 square feet. The price reflects an excellent value at today’s market. Additional information can be found at the following link – 4210 Balsam Lane

Below is some interesting information about this wonderful community.

Melody Ranch, just four miles south of the Town of Jackson, is a place of wide-open spaces, remarkable views and a strong sense of community. While residents appreciate the development for its close proximity to town and its natural beauty, they also love the fact that it feels like a true neighborhood, a place where people have chosen tomake as their year-round home in Jackson Hole.

Melody Ranch has deep roots in Jackson Hole history. In 1888, the area was settled as Cheney, one of the first townships in the valley. In the 20th century, an out-of-towner named Paul von Gontard visited the area as a boy and was so bowled over by the soaring mountains and grassy meadows that he later returned to establish a cattle ranch on the land. The main lodge and outbuildings from those days still stand, and their historic character is complemented by the design of today’s Melody Ranch homes, which are in the Western mountain and ranch styles, in natural earth tones.

As a planned residential community, Melody Ranch retains all the openness and close-to-nature attributes of its ranching heritage. Development started in 1995 in accordance with amaster plan that emphasizes preserving open spaces. Today, in fact, open spacesmake up 70 percent of the community.As Melody Ranch Development states, “Our philosophical approach is thatmaintaining these views and landscapes will enhance and protect what we value so highly – the freedom to live in, and appreciate, the wide open spaces of the hard-won West.”

Flat Creek, the water source for the haymeadows of Melody Ranch, still meanders through the development, and thanks to careful planning, the Teton and Snake River mountain views that made such an impression on young von Gontard more than 50 years ago can still be enjoyed in full. Cottonwoods, spruce and aspen dot the landscape and add a sense of privacy. Melody Ranch “has incorporated time-honored concepts of historic ranch development into its master plan, to preserve the open character of horse and cattle pastures and haymeadows while allowing native and natural vegetation to protect and shade its buildings,” the developer says. The development features manmade improvements that give residents a backyard playground. There are bike trails, trout fishing ponds, playgrounds and playing fields that make the development ideal for families with children. Schools, grocery stores, shops, restaurants and all the other amenities of town are within easy reach, as are Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. But at Melody Ranch, staying home is just as an attractive option as getting out to other parts of the valley. Great views are just the beginning.

For additional information or to set up a showing call Garth and Christy Gillespie – the Jackson Hole Experts at 877-739-8056.

An Exciting Winter for Teton Village – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

It isn’t every day that workers at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort get applause for their work. But then, a new Aerial Tram at isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence.

In late October, spectators gathered at the resort and clapped as crews placed the first of two bright-red Tram cars from Switzerland onto their track cables. Seeing the cars put into place was like watching the curtain lift at the theater, although in this case the performance is to start December 20, when the Aerial Tram will begin carrying skiers and snowboarders up Rendezvous Mountain. For the legions of people who are passionate about this particular ski hill, it will be as though Christmas arrived five days early.

Anyone who has skied at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort any time from the 1960s to more recent years will find the sight of the little red boxes moving along their cable to be a familiar sight. The Tram cars are red, like their iconic predecessor, which shuttled skiers up the mountain for 40 years before being retired. But the new tram will be bigger and faster, whisking 100 passengers at a time to their starting point for their adventures in about nine minutes.

Change is afoot at Teton Village as a whole. The Village has kept hold of its classic attractions, like the Mangy Moose Saloon, while adding new ones like Hotel Terra, a boutique property that’s sleek, upscale and eco-friendly. Some changes at the Village are subtle, like the acoustical upgrades at Walk Festival Hall, home to the Grand Teton Music Festival. Other changes are more dramatic, a case in point being the new Shooting Star™ golf course.

Teton Village has become famous for its resort offerings. But it has become viewed more and more in recent years a great place to live, whether year round or on a part-time basis. The new hotels, for example, offer condo ownership opportunities in addition to options for out-of-towners to stay in style and comfort when they come to Jackson Hole. With the opening of the Four Seasons Resort, Teton Village acquired a “grande dame” hotel as well as a new group of slopeside luxury residences. In addition to Hotel Terra, there’s also Teton Mountain Lodge and others are coming, including the second phase of Hotel Terra.

Another new arrival in Teton Village is the newly completed Timbers, a group of three- and four-bedroom homes in Granite Ridge. Designed by John Carney, they average 3,300 square feet, with vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchens, stone fireplaces and private Jacuzzi decks. Elsewhere in the village, the condos along McCollister Drive and Rachel Way, though not exactly new, are newly interesting to the real estate market. With upgrades and improvements the units, which like the Timbers, are zoned for short-term rentals, creating an attractive opportunity for investors who would like to generate some revenue from their properties.

As for Shooting Star™, it’s easy at this time of year for Nordic skiers to look out at the snow covered rolling terrain of the Tom Fazio-designed golf course and fantasize about streaking along a freshly groomed track. The golf course will, in fact, be a Nordic ski center, but its big unveiling will be next summer, when the golfers who have been watching the new facility take shape can finally walk out onto those greens and play a few rounds.

Construction is well underway on the Shooting Star™ club house, which will feature spa and fitness facilities, as well as a restaurant. The residential portion of Shooting Star™ includes cabins by architect Paul Bertelli of JLF Associates, featuring reclaimed materials and old world craftsmanship, plus spectacular views of the Tetons and the golf course.

Not everything planned for Teton Village is on such a grand scale, but little things make a difference. The pond behind Crystal Springs Lodge will eventually be replaced by a group of smaller water features and landscaping better suited for functions or for just relaxing. An 812-space, paved parking lot was just approved by the Teton County Board of Commissioners to be built between Granite Loop Road and Highway 390. It’s possible that someday there will be an automated “lift” that will whisk skiers and snowboarders from the lot to the clock tower so they can begin their day on the slopes. There’s no doubt that the opening of the new Arial Tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the biggest story for winter 2008-09 at Teton Village. But as is always the case with news, some of the other stories are pretty interesting, too. For first timers and veterans, Teton Village is worth exploring this winter.

For more information on Teton Village or Jackson Hole please feel free to email or call the Jackson Hole Experts – Christy and Garth Gillespie.

December 2008 Market Update

Where does the Jackson Hole Real Estate Market stand during these turbulent economic times? As you can imagine, Jackson Hole is not immune to any crisis and from where Christy and I sit the Jackson Hole Real Estate Market is feeling the pain. Activity, not in the sense of actual statistical activity, but activity in the sense of phones ringing, buyer’s inquiring, copy machines printing and fax machines dialing is probably at an all time low in the real estate careers of Garth and Christy. Being at work 9-5 every weekday we can get a feeling of where the real estate market is going and yes November and December are usually the slowest months in Jackson Hole real estate but so far November was extremely slow and December has started slow out of the gate. The Gillespie Real Estate Team continues to work extremely hard during these slower times. We are busy communicating with customers, business planning and strategizing, creating advertising programs and completing other real estate activities but on a whole we have seen a noticeable lull in showing activity.

As for the statistics…they tell the same story. When comparing 2007 numbers to the current 2008 numbers we are experiencing a much slower market. In October we saw 25 closings in Teton County, Wyoming (according to the Teton County Multiple Listing Service) where in 2007 we saw 47 closings. Surprisingly, listing price volume was almost identical. This is due to less lower priced properties selling and a few very large transactions taking place. Days on market increased by almost 3 months. In November the news gets worse – 10 closings in 2008 verses 43 closings in 2007. Days on market for the closed transactions was not as dramatic as October but shows an increase of 40 days. Currently there are 21 pending transaction in the entire valley – 6 of which are in the Pine Glades development which is under construction.

Highlights in the market include some very strong upper tier sales. In October there were closings of listed properties of $19.5 million, $6.3 million, $5.8 million and $5.3 million. In November the upper tier market continues this trend with 2 closings where the listed properties were priced at $19.9 million and 8.5 million!

Active listing inventory numbers are staggering! We have seen an almost 75% increase in actively listed properties on the market over 2007 numbers. Getting a completely accurate number is difficult with the changing market but there are about 700 active listings on the market in Teton County, Wyoming.

So what does all this mean? Lowering prices, excellent choices, extremely good buying opportunities but also less liquidity, more competition and increased market time. If buyer’s purchased their property before 2006 they have seen a robust growth and appreciation but if someone just recently purchased property they are probably going to see a depreciating asset for the next few quarters. Jackson Hole is still the wonderful place it was before these difficult economic times offering unbelievable beauty, National Parks, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and a very favorable tax climate. The real estate market and for that fact the community will survive and the market will rebound. We rarely have seen buyer’s markets in Jackson Hole so it is also a time of opportunity. To get more in depth analysis or if you have any questions please fee free to call Garth Gillespie at 307-739-8056 or Christy Gillespie at 307-739-8146.

Teton Village Update


Teton Village Update – April 22, 2008

  Actually the Tram Tower is no longer there….but a new one is being built!


The update at Teton Village: What has happened since the March report? The ski season at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will go down as one of the very best. Highlighted by over 600 inches and a base of over 100 inches skiers were delighted by quality skiing all season. Next year will be the debut of the new Aerial Tram so we will be excited about the 2008-2009 season too. With that said – we have had it with winter! Bring on Spring!

Real Estate News – There have been 3 closings since March 1st. A Four Seasons Resort Penthouse for $4,500,000, a new "Timber’s" Free Standing Townhome for close to $3,400,000 and an older condo that sold for close to $1,600,000. The last month of skiing proved to be fairly active on the sales side as there are 9 Pending transactions with an average list price of $2,260,000. This includes 2 Granite Ridge Lodges and 1 Four Seasons Penthouse.

The 9 Pending Transactions sound great but the real news is in the available active inventory — 54 Active Listings. The median active listing price is $1,995,000 so there is a lot of inventory priced in the "millions" category. Average Days of Market is climbing and is at an average of 157 days (that’s an entire ski season!).

Overall the Teton Village Market is a strong Buyer’s market. There are a lot of condos and townhomes to choose from and there are probably many Seller’s willing to negotiate. The biggest issue with the available inventory is that the prices were set when the market was much more active. Now we do not have Buyers and the pricing is at pre decline pricing.

If you would like information on:
Teton County, Idaho – please visit: www.tetonvalleyexperts.com

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – please visit: www.jacksonholeexperts.com

New Market Update – Feb. 8, 2008

Market Update – Jackson, Wyoming
February 8, 2008
Another snowy day in Jackson! So far the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has received 64 inches of snow since February 1st.   Total snowfall to date 397 inches! With those numbers the ski report is obviously exceptional. We are anticipating a large crowd for Presidents Day Weekend.
So does all this snow equate to exceptional real estate sales? No, but there has been some pretty active sales activity. The reports nationally continue to show a very slow real estate market but Jackson continues to show strength. Since February 1st there have been quite a few of sales and pending sales that are of interest.
  • A 3 bedroom/3bath townhome came on the market in the Wilson area for $875,000 on Wednesday and by Thursday evening there had been a least 2 offers of over asking price! 
  • An older home on 2 lots in the Gill Addition priced at $1,640,000 went under contract in less than 1 week.
  • A townhome in the Town of Jackson on Rancher Street which has been on the market for a lengthy period went under contract.
  • A Four Seasons Resort Penthouse listed for $4,800,000 and a Crystal Springs Condo listed for $1,575,000 both went under contract.
  • 3365 Tucker Ranch – An 8,400 square foot log home went under contract with a list price of $8,995,000.
  • Hotel Terra Units in Teton Village sold “publicly” with an average sales price per square foot of $1,400.00.
  • Teton Pines “Cluster Home” closed for $2,250,000.
  • A 16 acre lot in Wilson closed for $2,900,000.
That’s pretty good activity for a slowing market. With those stats noted, Christy and I have noticed activity slowing considerably and inventory rising throughout the valley. Inventory in places like The Aspens and Teton Village have grown and many of the units are starting to look stale on the market. There have been lowering prices in The Aspens. 
The Town of Jackson has also seen a slow down. Many choices exist if you are in the $600,000 to $1,200,000 range in the Town of Jackson or areas south of Jackson (Rafter J and Cottonwood Park).

Residential Active Listings –

$1 -$1,000,000 = 108

$1,000,000 – $5,000,000 = 134

Greater than $5,000,000 = 30

Vacant Land Active Listings-

$1 – $1,000,000 = 18

$1,000,000 – $5,000,000 = 102

Greater than $5,000,000 = 15

26 Total Residential, Townhomes Pending Transactions Valley wide
12 Total Vacant Land Transactions Valley wide
Total Closings since the beginning of the year = 24