Jackson Hole Airport To Be Closed Between May 25th and May 31st

The Jackson Hole Airport will be closed for a runway resurfacing project just after the Memorial Day holiday. The airport will be closed for 5.5 days during which time scheduled aircraft will land at Idaho Falls. The closure could last longer if the weather delays the construction.

During that time the only airlines flying to Jackson will be United and Delta – both of which agreed not to charge change fees for Jackson Hole passengers during the construction (nice of them…).

Announced today, Alltrans will be providing free shuttle service to and from Idaho Falls.

For additional information on the Jackson Hole Airport click the link as the airport will provide updates on the construction and transportation issues resulting from the resurfacing. For Jackson Hole real estate information visit JacksonHoleExperts or give Christy and Garth, Jackson Hole real estate associates – for Sotheby’s International Realty – Jackson Hole Brokerage at 877-739-8056.